Welcome to Spatial Disease Ecology and Health Lab

We ask spatial questions, model dynamics, and communicate science related to diseases and one health.

About us

This is a lab housed at the Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability at University of Oklahoma. We focus on spatial questions that relate to one health, emerging infectious diseases, public health, and conservation.

Until Nov 28, 2020, crazy and harrowing numbers, 62,094,127 global confirmed cases and 1,449,709 deaths, are caused by the coronavirus, a virus originated from wildlife and transmitting across different host species to humans. This is just one of many cases. A patch of soil beneath an anthrax-infected carcass on a deer ranch in western Texas, a food container harboring the Mycobacterium bovis on a cattle ranch, a harvested wild pig carcasses in the woody wetland… All these scenarios can be the potential transmission hubs for infectious diseases.

We use interdisciplinary approaches including spatial analyses, ecological models, and dynamic epidemiological models to investigate the infectious disease transmission and health related questions in space and time.

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